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We do Kirlian Photography


Going to be in Cassadaga Florida?

Want an Appointment to get your Aura Photograph?

I am sorry but we can no longer do Kirlian Photos at this time.

We still can do aura reading at our store in Cassadaga, Florida.

Here is a link to The Purple Rose.

Before you call about the price, it's only $20.00.


What is Kirlian Photography!

Kirlian photography was discovered by accident in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian. He found out that an object on a photographic plate when subjected to a high-voltage electric field can create an image on the plate. The image looks like a colored halo or coronal discharge. This image is said to be a physical manifestation of the spiritual aura or "life force" which surrounds each living thing.

I have been taken Kirlian photos for several years now and I have found this to be unbelievably accurate with respect to physical health.

Coronal Ring Indicators and Interpretation

This is a representation of the five fingertips of the right hand. Energy meridians of the organs run directly to each of the fingertips. Both right and left hands are the same. The coronal rings shown represent a perfectly normal and healthy individual, as evidenced by the even, unbroken rings. Please refer to an acupuncture chart for more detailed information on meridian locations.
These are abnormal rings indicating a problem in the individual. The first example, a broken ring indicates low energy in the corresponding meridian. The second example, a flare or bright area, indicates an inflammation in one or more of the organs of the corresponding meridian. The third example, a flare with spray or blotches outside the ring area, indicate a severe inflammation of one or more of the organs of the corresponding meridian. Contrary to popular belief, only a general diagnosis can be made from Kirlian imagery. It is impossible to make a specific determination of any illness based solely upon the image. Colors have no bearing upon interpretation of the coronal discharge image. Black and white film works as good as color for this purpose.


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